About Us

Our Mission

2015 marked the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta, a document from which the concept of the rule of law is, in part, thought to originate. King John sealed the document in a meadow called Runnymede by the Thames River, about 30 km west of central London. In 2016, we founded the Runnymede Society as a national student membership organization dedicated to exploring the ideas and ideals of constitutionalism, liberty and the rule of law.

On-Campus Debates

Through on-campus debates and discussion, we ensure that free speech and intellectual diversity remain an active part of Canadian law school life. We provide outstanding support and opportunities for intellectual enrichment, networking, and professional development, including by providing members opportunities to meet and enrich their legal knowledge with professors, practitioners, and judges.

Meet Our Director

Mark Mancini

Runnymede Society Director

Mark is currently finishing his LLM at the University of Chicago, where he is specializing in administrative law and governmental structure. His academic interests lie primarily in administrative law, constitutional remedies, and law and economics. Mark previously clerked at the Federal Court for Justice Ann Marie McDonald (2017-18), before which he graduated from the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Law (2017). He is a co-blogger at Double Aspect Blog.