January 10, 2018: McGill University: Lawless Society of Upper Canada, with Professor Leonid Sirota (AUT Law, New Zealand).

January 12-13, 2018: Runnymede Society Law & Freedom Conference (Hart House):

January 16, 2018: University of Toronto: Marie Henein (Henein Hutchison LLP).

January 17, 2018: McGill University: Judging and the Rule of Law, with The Hon. David Stratas (Federal Court of Appeal) and The Hon. Marc Nadon (Federal Court of Appeal).



November 13, 2017: McGill University: Freedom of Speech in Canada, a conversation with Julius Grey (Grey, Casgrain).


November 13, 2017: Université de Montréal: Bill 62 and Religious Liberty in Québec, with Anne-France Goldwater (Goldwater, Dubé).


November 10, 2017: Western University: Debate: Omar Khadr and Charter Damages, with Asher Honickman (Matthews Abogado LLP) and Rob De Luca (Canadian Civil Liberties Association).


October 31, 2017: University of British Columbia: Debate on Law Society of Upper Canada et al v. Trinity Western University, with Earl Phillips (Executive Director, TWU Law School) and Elin Sigurdson (Mandell Pinderson LLP).


October 26, 2017: University of Alberta: Diversity or Discrimination? The Trinity Western University Law School Debate, with Professor Eric Adams (University of Alberta, Faculty of Law) and Ranjan K. Agarwal (Counsel for TWU in Ontario; Partner at Bennett Jones).


October 25, 2017: Queen’s University: When Rights Collide: Freedom of Religion & Discrimination at Trinity Western University, with Dean William Flanagan (Queen’s Law), Professor Bruce Pardy (Queen’s Law) and André Schutten (Association for Reformed Political Action; intervenor in the Supreme Court case).


October 24, 2017: University of Calgary: Free Speech in the Digital Age: @CanadaCreep, Internet privacy and criminalization, with Brendan Miller (Walsh Law) and Professor Emily Laidlaw (University of Calgary).

October 19, 2017: University of Toronto: Liberal Pluralism and the Challenge of Religious Diversity, with The Hon. Peter Lauwers (Court of Appeal for Ontario).

October 11, 2017: McGill University: In Defence of the Presumption of Innocence, with Marie Henein (Henein Hutchison LLP).


September 27, 2017: Schulich School of Law: How American Judges Judge, with Judge Edith Jones (US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit).

September 26, 2017: University of Toronto: Bracken v. Fort Erie: Freedom of Expression in Canada, with The Hon. Bradley Miller (Court of Appeal for Ontario).