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What Could Go Wrong with Charter Values?

Join the Runnymede Society as we host Justice Peter Lauwers from the Ontario Court of Appeal to discuss the issue of Charter values in administrative law. Register now:

A.V. Dicey and the Common Law Constitutional Tradition

Join the Runnymede Society and Dean Mark Walters (Queen's Law) for a discussion of his recently released book on A.V. Dicey. Register here:  

Toward a Canadian Doctrine of Separation of Powers

Join the Runnymede Society as we welcome Justice Russell Brown from the Supreme Court of Canada to speak on the separation of powers. Register here:    

Originalism and Indigenous Law: Prof. John Borrows


Originalism looks to the public meaning of legal texts at a specific period. Discussions of originalism in Canada have revolved around the public meaning of documents such as the Constitution Acts, 1867 and 1982. This talk will discuss the role of Indigenous law in discussing Canadian "originalism", including the type of sources we might look […]

2021 Law and Freedom Conference


Runnymede Society’s 2021 Law and Freedom conference The Runnymede Society is pleased to announce that our 2021 Law and Freedom Conference will be held on March 12-13, 2021, at Hart House in Toronto, ON. We are particularly honoured to host Justice Malcolm Rowe of the Supreme Court of Canada will be our Saturday, March 13 […]

Should provinces codify their constitutions?


Guest Speaker Richard Albert - Author and Professor of World Consitutions & Director of Constitutional Studies at the University of Texas at Austin Moderated by Mark Mancini - Runnymede Society, National Director