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The Runnymede Society is proud to announce that official Lawyers’ Chapter memberships for legal practitioners are now available. Time has flown by since the Society’s founding in 2016, and many founding members are now cutting their teeth as lawyers, clerks, and even academics. A Lawyers’ Chapter membership allows these men and women to continue to enrich their legal career via the Runnymede Society. It also provides better access to the Society’s events and resources for the many lawyers and judges who have become fans of the Society outside of law school.

Membership in the Runnymede Lawyers’ Chapter will cost $80 per year. If you buy before September 1, 2020 your membership will last to December 31, 2021 –saving you on your first renewal.


Discounted tickets to our annual Law & Freedom Conference (25% off) and gain free entry into Lawyers’ Chapter events featuring top litigators, judges and academics.

You will be signed up for a special quarterly newsletter for lawyers and receive future discounts to Runnymede academic publications, including one to be introduced in Fall 2020.

By buying a membership, you are helping us fund the Runnymede Society’s mission to sharpen and broaden the legal discourse in Canada and to provide substantial support to law students and practitioners.

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